Veranstaltungen am Institut und mit Beteiligung des MPE

Multi-probe cluster cosmology with imaging surveys

LMU Astrophysics Colloquium

Third-Party Funding

Workshop Research Funding
In this workshop representatives of well-known German third-party donors, as the Alexander von Humboldt foundation, the DFG or the DAAD will present the most interesting funding opportunities for early-stage researcher (PhD-Students, Post-Docs and research group leaders). Furthermore, the EU-office Bavaria will point out suitable EU funding depending on your career stage. For more information please find attached the workshop programme. [mehr]

H2CS deuteration maps towards the pre-stellar core L1544

MPE-CAS journal club on star and planet formation


Web Munich Joint Astronomy Colloquium

Gas Flows around Galaxies

Turbulence Day
We’re happy to announce the one-day workshop “Gas Flows around Galaxies” which will take place on the 24th May and is intended to bring researchers working on CGM-related science in the Munich area together. [mehr]


MPA Special Seminar on Galaxy Formation


MPA Special Seminar on Galaxy Formation
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