Publikationen von Christopher N. Shingledecker

Buchkapitel (1)

McGuire, B. A.; Bergin, E.; Blake, G. A.; Burkhardt, A. M.; Cleeves, L. I.; Loomis, R. A.; Remijan, A. J.; Shingledecker, C. N.; Willis, E. R.: Observing the effects of chemistry on exoplanets and planet formation. In: Science with a Next Generation Very Large Array, S. 217 - 222 (Hg. Murphy, E.; ngVLA Science Advisory Council) (2018)

Konferenzband (1)

Radiation chemistry in astrochemical models: From the laboratory to the ISM (Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, 15/s350). 350nd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union: Laboratory Astrophysics: From Observations to Interpretation, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 14. April 2019 - 19. April 2019. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK (2020)
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