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Siegert, T.; Diehl, R.; Greiner, J.; Krause, M. G. H.; Beloborodov, A. M.; Cadolle Bel, M.; Guglielmetti, F.; Rodriguez, J.; Strong, A. W.; Zhang, X.: Positron annihilation signatures associated with the outburst of the microquasar V404 Cygni. Nature 531 (7594), S. 341 - 343 (2016)
Rodriguez, J.; Cadolle Bel, M.; Alfonso-Garzón, J.; Siegert, T.; Zhang, X.-L.; Grinberg, V.; Savchenko, V.; Tomsick, J. A.; Chenevez, J.; Clavel, M. et al.; Corbel, S.; Diehl, R.; Domingo, A.; Gouiffès, C.; Greiner, J.; Krause, M. G. H.; Laurent, P.; Loh, A.; Markoff, S.; Mas-Hesse, J. M.; Miller-Jones, J. C. A.; Russell, D. M.; Wilms, J.: Correlated optical, X-ray, and γ-ray flaring activity seen with INTEGRAL during the 2015 outburst of V404 Cygni. Astronomy & Astrophysics 581, L9, S. 1 - 5 (2015)
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