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Rigopoulou, D.; Mainieri, V.; Almaini, O.; Alonso-Herrero, A.; Huang, J.-S.; Hasinger, G.; Rieke, G.; Dunlop, J.; Lehmann, I.: Spectral energy distributions of type 2 quasi-stellar objects: obscured star formation at high redshifts. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 400 (3), S. 1199 - 1207 (2009)
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Konferenzbeitrag (4)

Sturm, E.; Lutz, D.; Genzel, R.; Hasinger, G.; Mainieri, V.; Tacconi, L. J.; Lehnert, M.; Lehmann, I.: The mid-infrared spectra of X-ray selected type 2 QSOs. In: The Second Annual Spitzer Science Center Conference: Infrared Diagnostics of Galaxy Evolution, S. 391 - 397 (Hg. Chary, R.-R.; Teplitz, H.I.; Sheth, K.). The Second Annual Spitzer Science Center Conference: Infrared Diagnostics of Galaxy Evolution, Pasadena, California, USA, 14. November 2005 - 16. November 2005. Astronomical Society of the Pacific, San Francisco, CA, USA (2008)
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