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Banhatti, S.; Palotás, J.; Jusko, P.; Redlich, B.; Oomens, J.; Schlemmer, S.; Brünken, S.: Infrared action spectroscopy of doubly charged PAHs and their contribution to the aromatic infrared bands. Astronomy and Astrophysics 648, A61 (2021)
Thorwirth, S.; Harding, M. E.; Asvany, O.; Brünken, S.; Jusko, P.; Lee, K. L. K.; Salomon, T.; McCarthy, M. C.; Schlemmer, S.: Descendant of the X-ogen carrier and a ‘mass of 69’: infrared action spectroscopic detection of HC3O+ and HC3S+. Molecular Physics, e1776409 (2020)
Brünken, S.; Lipparini, F.; Stoffels, A.; Jusko, P.; Redlich, B.; Gauss, J.; Schlemmer, S.: Gas-phase vibrational spectroscopy of the hydrocarbon cations l-C3H+, HC3H+, and c-C3H2+: structures, isomers, and the influence of Ne-Tagging. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 123 (37), S. 8053 - 8062 (2019)
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