Vibration Test Facility

Loads are simulated on the vibration test facility, which occur during a take-of or during transportation.

Unholtz Dickie T1000 32WL with Slip Table

max. force vector:

80 kN

maximum payload:

vertical 400 kg
horizontal 300 kg

possible frequency bandwidth:

5 – 2500 Hz

maximum values at no-load Shaker:

Field High 180 g
Field Low 2.7 m/s
Field Low 50.8 mm

Shaker control and data acquisition:

Mahrenholtz & Partner, m&p VibControl / NT

96 input channels, any can be defined as control, measuring or limiting channels

any test programs

Classical Shock
Shock Response Spectrum
transient capture
Mixed Mode (e.g. sine on random)

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