Thermal Vacuum Chamber I

Technical assemblies can be tested under vacuum conditions and simultaneous thermal stress in this thermal vacuum Chamber. For example, the thermal environment inside a satellite structure can be simulated.


Maximum load (L x W x H):

1450 x 500 x 590 (in mm)

Realisation of  electrical process:

Realisation on request

Thermal data:

Minimum temperature:

-50 ° C

Maximal temperature:

+80 ° C

Temperature control:

Manual mode or  programme mode

Dynamic temperature control:

0 - 120 K/h

Temperature monitoring:

Hybrid recorder with 19 freely available
temperature measuring channels and 4 freely
available voltage measurement channels

Vacuum data:

Backing pumps:

Circulating pump and  reciprocating pump

High vacuum pump:

Turbo molecular pump

Final pressure (empty recipient)

4.0 E - 7 mbar at 20 ° C nach 3 days of
pumping time

Partial pressure control:

Mass spectrometer Balzers Prism QMS 200
to 100 mass amu

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