Thermal Vacuum Chamber IV

This thermal vacuum Chamber significantly helps to outgas assemblies, cables, plastic elements, etc. This should prevent cleaner environments from contaminated with condensable materials during operation or further testing.

In a restricted area, also technical assemblies under vacuum conditions and simultaneous thermal stress can be tested.


Maximum load (Ø x H):

500 x 320 (in mm)

Realisation of  electrical process:

Realisation on request

Thermal data

Minimum temperature:

-30° C

Maximal temperature:

+90° C

Temperature control:

Manual mode or  programme mode

Dynamic temperature control:

Heat 90 K/h

Cool 42 K/h

Temperature monitoring:

6 freely available temperature
measuring channels

Vacuum data:

Backing pumps:

Scroll Vacuum Pumps

High vacuum pump:

Turbo molecular pump

Final pressure (empty recipient):

4 E - 6 mbar bei 20 ° C after 2 days of
pumping time

Partial pressure control:

Mass spectrometers-Pfeiffer Prism QMS 200
to 100 mass amu

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